About the Project

The dangers that accompany boxing have been well documented for a while, and countless discussions have taken place about how fighters can be further protected from Traumatic Brain Injury when they step into the ring.

However, whilst tougher safety measures continue to be implemented on fight night, trainers and gyms around the country continue to hold largely unregulated sparring sessions that mix fighters of different abilities, weight classes and experience levels every day.

My documentary will investigate whether Britain's boxers are being left at risk of TBI by insufficient regulations surrounding sparring, and whether enough is done to spot the signs of a potential brain injury before it becomes life threatening.

The Research

- A study conducted by the University of Stirling found that an hour after sparring, boxers saw a 52% decline in their performance in a memory test, and a 6% decline in a brain-to-muscle communication tests.

- Symptoms of concussion and head trauma can last from a few days to a few months, meaning a fighter may be permitted to restart sparring in as little as a month without a medical examination clearing them as fit to do so.


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